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Meet Joseph - The man with the Ambrose vision

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Joseph Cherng is the son of retired CMA pastors and was raised in the Christian faith, he had a personal encounter with God at age 15. At age 21, he went through an existential crisis which lead him to cry to God, and from that experience, he was filled by the holy spirit. That's when he was called to ministry, and he decided to pursue a master's degree in theology at China Evangelical Seminary of Taïwan.

During his stay in Asia, he joined the OMF mission station in Taïwan for two years and a half, before to be called by God to come back to Montreal to serve his home church, Montreal Chinese Alliance Grace Church.

Joseph is married to Alice, has two children, and is currently living in Montreal, where he decided during the pandemic to transform his family's hotel into a discipleship house, and a Christian coffee place.

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