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Anka's testimony

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The Ambrose house has the privilege to host and have on staff a passionate Jesus-Lover, and a die hard fan of the Chosen (TV show), let me introduce you to Anka Johow!!

Anka is from Germany and felt God's call to come live in Québec and serve in the ministry Power to Change in 2018. In early May 2021, Anka came for a short stay at Ambrose house, and immediately felt God's prompting to move permanently in the house and be on staff.

In Anka's own words, this is what she desires to see happening through her ministry in Ambrose, "I desire Ambrose house to be a place where people get to know Jesus more and help each other to live out of his fullness."

Click on the video below to hear about Anka's testimony about staying at Ambrose House, and being a faithful customer to the Ambrose Café.

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