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Business Policies

All policies are designed to help us best express our values, and to further our mission and vision.



It is important that you will embody our standards in hospitality, not your own.  If you have ideas, we would love to hear them.

Our standards means that what we ask of you are not suggestions.  Our standards requires that this very standard is constantly improving.  From how we talk to the guests, the choice of music we choose to play, the recipes in the cafe, they are not to be changed without approval.



This means that you will always aim to be in control of the situation. Don’t panic.  

There will be a lot of things you cannot control, and mistakes will happen, but what you should have complete control over is yourself. 


Internet, Telephone, and Cellphone Usage

Personal use of Internet and Telephone should be limited during your shift. It is important that you look available when a guest walks by. It is important that you are alert and aware of the hotel surroundings.



The hotel is 100% non smoking. If you need to smoke, please smoke in the back garage only. Please do not leave the back door cracked open; close the door completely so fumes do not get in. Please put out your cigarettes safely and dispose them conscientiously. 


Punctuality, Tardiness, Absence

As a team, we hope to cover for each other when emergencies arise. However, being in a small team, you play a crucial role to the operation of the business. We require each person to respect their schedule and arrive to work in a timely and manner. 


Confidentiality and Discretion 

Information provided by guest and management is strictly confidential. When transferring sensitive information, please do so on Basecamp to the relevant parties or step away from the reception area to discuss the issues.  Never discuss sensitive information concerning guests/customers at the reception. 



If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, please talk to us. We will try our best to have a solution for you. Consuming food and beverages from cafe without logging it in the tabs can be considered theft.


Team Meetings

All team members are expected to attend team meetings. They are important, and the dates will be notified at least 1 weeks in advance. If you cannot attend, please make sure to read the meeting minutes before your next shift.


Team Conflict

Conflicts are taken seriously as it affects the team moral, and the service we offer. First, we encourage the parties involved to come together to resolve any issues that arise. If mediation is needed, please submit the issue/conflict you are facing in writing to higher management. If you have been treated wrongly for no reason on your part, we invite you to put it into writing and submit it to us. Be as detailed and specific as possible. Once the submission has been received, we will review and discuss it individually, then together, and find a way to mediate it.


Personal Usage of Equipment and Supplies

All supplies and equipment at Hotel Ambrose + Cafe is strictly for hotel use unless specific requests are made. This includes the washing machine, room supplies, cleaning supplies, food inventory, and boutique items.



You must keep your work areas clean, and must be able to attend to anything that needs cleaning. Your work area is not limited to the front desk, but the entire hotel. A check-list for detailed cleaning areas will be available shortly.


Staff Only Areas

Private areas in the hotel is strictly for staff only. Having anyone other than employees in restricted areas pose a safety hazard and potentially exposes confidential and sensitive information.  


Dress Code

Ambrose t-shirts will be provided for the baristas.

For Hotel work, comfortable clothes for physical work that you won’t mind getting dirty. 



Safety & Security

At the end of your shift, please make sure that these areas are closed

  1. Garage doors (closed & locked)

  2. Door to the basement (closed)

  3. Front main door (closed and locked)


Emergency exit 

Plans are seen on the interior of each guest rooms. Each Emergency exit leads to the back of the garages. 

You can locate the emergency exits next to these rooms:








In case of FIRE

  1. Use fire extinguisher located next to the fire escape exits to minimize fire.

  2. Call 911

  3. Call Anka, Joseph, Danielle and/or Ran

  4. Immediately help evacuate all guests in the hotel and meet everyone in the back alley on the opposite wall where we throw our garbage.

  5. Head count

  6. Call rooms of the missing guest and/or find their contact information and call them.




If you feel threatened or intimidated by a difficult guest, please remain calm. Invite them to have a seat while you call your manager to see what you’re authorized to do. Call the 911 right away and say you need immediate assistance and that your life has been threatened. It’s better to have the police come, write a report, and escort them out. Remain calm. 

If you are held at gunpoint, give them everything they want. Try to take as much visual details as possible. Call 911. File a report. Call Us. 

If the police needs to be called, please have the police write a report as detailed as possible. Show the police any evidence, and ask for a copy of the report. *Try to stay in the front desk area, as we have a camera recording there.

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