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Barista Tasks

  • Make a social media post for the Cafe

  • There is ALWAYS something to clean:  

    • Dust shelves in Cafe

    • Outisde, make sure our sidewalk and stairs are unobstructed.

    • Tidy the sofas & cushions

    • Replenish display fridge, ice or pastries

    • Bring down used mugs & plates to fill the dishwasher

    • Check garbage

    • Clean & replenish bathrooms

    • Wipe/sanitize tables inside and outside

    • Water the plants

    • Stamp cups & pastry bags

  • Restock cups, lids, teas, and coffees:

    • Take note or communicate inventory needs to assitant manager​


  • Redesign/Research ideas

    • Videos of latte art and practice

    • Rearrange or tidy shelves in Cafe

  • Practice making sales

  • Invite friends to Cafe

  • Read bible/pray for Cafe

  • Check-in and engage with sitting customers

What not to do:

  • Taking personal non-Cafe calls/texting

  • Social media not related to Cafe Ambrose

  • Homework

  • Work from other jobs

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