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Cafe Closing To Do List

Start 1/2 hour before closing time

  1. Take rags downstairs and put them in the washing machine everyday.

  2. Ten minutes before closing, kindly remind customers of our closing time

  3. Do not allow customers to stay/study after closing hours, other than okayed by manager.

    • If a group is gathering after cafe hours, check to confirm if they have a reservation on the  on the Bookings sheet.

  4. Put terrasse furniture & Open sign away through the basement door. Turn off Open signs. 

  5. Pour out leftover coffee into the ice coffee pitcher & place in the mini fridge. 

  6. Store away pastries in covered containers.

  7. Put cups away - do not leave on counter.

  8. Run till report - Click on user, day report, print receipt MEV

  9. Count money & fill in MEV cash & tip jar amounts in Cash Register doc - make sure it balances with total cash on hand.

  10. Assistant managers: make deposit & leave $200.00 in cash register and keep inside the safe.

  11. Clean espresso machine

    • Scrub grouphead with brush;

    • Use the portafilter without spout, add 3g of cleaner (red bottle powder). 

  12. Bi-weekly: Clean coffee grinder with orange bottle tablets.

  13. Use sanitizing spray to clean counter surfaces - instructions on the spray bottle.

  14. Make TooGoodToGo boxes (value of 18$ pre-tax) - set up pick-up times for next day.

  15. Clean bathrooms & refill soap, toilet and brown papers.

  16. Sweep everyday, and mop according to season & need.

  17. Take out trash and recycling. 

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