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Cafe Opening To Do List

  1. Set out frozen pastries on lined baking sheets; thaw for 30 min.

  2. Turn on the oven to 380° on convection bake, press start.


    Turn lights on in the cafe

    Sanitize the clean contents of the dishwasher; leave to air dry.
  4. Replenish: burritos (stick orange best-before stickers on: good for 3 days), drinks in display fridge & ice.

  5. Display other pastries (scones, muffins, etc)

  6. Brew filtered coffee - weigh 120g of beans in the silver pitcher, place in the grinder with dial between 6 and 7. Make filtered coffee.

  7. Count money & record it in the Cash register document.

  8. Turn lights on if not on already.

  9. For spring summer & fall: when weather permits, set up terrasse

  10. Turn on open sign, unlock door with card found in safe. SAFE Code: 5882#

  11. Check bathrooms to make sure they are clean & replenished (soap, toilet paper, & brown paper). If they are not, clean them later during your shift - finish Opening list first.

  12. Check if plants are dry - water them if needed.

  13. Put thawed pastries into oven for 17-18 min; set timer for 15min to give yourself enough time to get back to oven.

  14. Make TooGoodToGo boxes (value of 18$ pre-tax) for today, if needed.

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