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Laundry Procedures


  • - Familiarize yourself with Laundry Chart. 1

  • - Make sure to use the correct dispenser dial for the machine you are using.

  • - Never leave washed load inside washing machines for more than 2 hours (so others can use it, and for odor & mold prevention).

  • - Dried laundry should be taken out asap, but can be left inside dryer for a maximum of overnight time (sometimes, fabric is not completely dry at end of cycle - which also contributes to odor & mold).

  • - Please empty dryer lint after using the machine. 2



  • - Start with Dirty rags, as they need to be washed everyday. 3

  • - Check Preno (locked tablet at cafe front desk) for the amount of next-day check-ins, and determine the minimum amount of laundry to be done with this table below.

  •  - If you cannot complete the minimum amount of laundry, relay to next staff (Night Concierge or next Day Concierge) so they can allocate the necessary time to complete the laundry task.


1. Laundry Chart


2. Dryer lint


3. Dirty Rags

Screenshot 2022-09-22 11.49.50 AM.png
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